***When selecting a painting to paint in class, please include the title of the painting that’s under the image and type that on your registration form under “what would you like to paint” section of the form. This ensures I pre-sketch the correct image before you arrive to class. There are over 590 paintings below to select from.

Welcome to Creative Art & Design! If you haven’t come to one of my classes yet, you are missing all the fun! I pencil out your drawing (so really, no talent required!) and we gather to socialize, eat appetizers, drink, and paint. Everyone is having a blast & some are becoming addicted. People are driving as far as 130 miles to attend these classes.

It’s not normal for someone to start and finish a project around the house in one night, but at these classes, we will start and finish your masterpiece in just that…one night! At the end of the class, we take a group picture, add ribbons to hang the artwork from, or place an order for one of the many museum quality frames available to order. So please, I invite you to gather up your social clubs, people from work, your mom, your child, your husbands and come experience what everyone is talking about! It’s very relaxing and rewarding.

QUESTION: What if I have no talent & can’t even draw a straight line?
ANSWER: No talent required. I draw out the canvas before you arrive. I will help you if you are having trouble with something in particular.

QUESTION: How long will the class take?
ANSWER: Each painting differs but usually 3-4 hours. Some classes are as short as 2 and a half hours. All depends on how long it takes you to finish. Each person paints at a different rate than the next person.

QUESTION: What time is the class?
ANSWER: Classes may be offered at different times, so be sure to check the “calendar” to see what time your particular class starts.

QUESTION: How does the class work?
ANSWER: The class begins by gathering at specified times, and then enjoying a food and beverage that everyone brought to share. You find your favorite place that you would like to sit, and put on your apron. During which there is a time to inquire about new upcoming classes and book private parties. We will allow 30 minutes for this, then we will begin to paint. After class, you have the opportunity to take a photo of you or your group with your new master pieces, choose ribbons to be added to canvas, or place orders for frames.

QUESTION: How and when do I pay?
ANSWER: You may pay by check or cash when you arrive to the class. Frames and ribbons are offered at additional cost.

QUESTION: What if I have to cancel?
ANSWER: You must give 24 hour notice to cancel to ensure finding someone to fill your spot.

QUESTION: What should I wear to paint in?
ANSWER: Causal clothes. Remember, this acrylic paint is permanent and won’t come out of your clothes.

QUESTION: Will you travel with the class for an off site class?
ANSWER: Prefer not to. But yes it has been done only a few times. There is a minimum of 12 people/painters in order to bring a class to your facility + $50/hr travel time and Hotel expenses if any. You will be required to have paper covered tables and chairs on site. I will provide canvases, easels, paint, brushes and aprons.

QUESTION: How far out is the schedule made and how far out can I book a private party?
ANSWER: I will post the schedule two- three months in advance. If you are interested in knowing a particular date, please contact me. Private parties can be done as far in advance as you wish to make them.

QUESTION: What do I need to bring?
ANSWER: Everyone chips in by bringing either wine, beverage, appetizer, or sweets to share.

QUESTION: How do the private parties work?
ANSWER: The maximum is 16-20 artist with 12 artist being the minimum The canvas size will always default to 16×20 unless you say otherwise. Size choices are 8 x 10, 11 x 14, or 16 x 20 for the $45 class fee, 20×24 is a $65 class fee, and 24×30 is a $75 class fee. On your invites, you write my address for “where” and your phone number for RSVP’s. You will be responsible for letting me know totals one-two weeks before your private party date or even similar, allow them to register on my web site and I can keep track of who has registered and finding out what they want to paint… a lot easier this way! Canvases are drawn out 1-2 weeks in advance. You will be responsible for bringing all food, drink, and paper products to a private event. Cake and presents can be done after everyone finishes painting.

QUESTION: What if I want to paint a larger or smaller size canvas than what is normally done?
ANSWER: Normally, the classes are 1- 16 x 20 for $45 per person unless otherwise specified. Yes, you may upgrade to a canvas size 20×24 for a $65 class fee or choose a 24 x 30 size canvas for a $75 class fee. Or, you may downsize from the 16 x 20 to a choice of a 8 x 10 or 11 x 14 for the same $45 fee. Any changes to your size request has to be given 2 weeks prior to class since all canvases are drawn out 2 weeks in advance.

QUESTION: May I order a frame for my canvas?
ANSWER: Yes, I have many styles of frames available to view to order. You may order frames regardless of having taken a class. I will help you select the right frame for any portrait or other project that is in need of a frame.

QUESTION: May I get ribbon to hang my canvas by instead of a frame?
ANSWER: Yes, I have multiple ribbons as well as seasonal ribbons to choose from. You may even purchase ribbons for any past classes by bringing your older painting by to have ribbons added to it.


Booking your private party (adult or child):

The maximum is 16-20 artist with 12 artist being the minimum.  Everyone may choose to do whichever painting from the over 500 I have shown…Yes, everyone can paint a different picture if they want. Sometimes, if the private event is a child’s party, the hostess will make it simple and pre-select which painting her personal party will be doing, but that is not my rule. Just your choice to do it that way if you need to for simplicity with a group of little children. The canvas size will always default to a 16×20 unless you tell me otherwise. You can choose from 8×10, 11×14, or 16×20 for $45 each artist/canvas. Or you up-grade your canvas size to a 20×24 (a $65 class fee) or a 24×30 (a $75 class fee) each artist/canvas.

No deposit is required. Payment is expected at time of event. Your group may also decide to add ribbon to your canvas at the end of the class. If anyone decides to do so, then the prices are as follows: 1 ribbon $5, 2 ribbons $7, 3 ribbons $9, 4 ribbons $10 (Popular Choice), 7 ribbons $18.50

For a private event, you are responsible for bringing all food, cakes, drinks (wine, beverages, water, etc), paper products, etc as you would normally do for any special get together. At past events..like children’s Birthday Parties for example, people have sung Happy Birthday & opened gifts in the other rooms, while I “outline” all the children’s paintings. This seems to work out very well. Oh, don’t forget your cameras!! You may tie balloons to the mailbox if you desire.

Invites: People have put my address for the “Where” address which is 1710 Rosewood Drive Greenville NC 27858. But the RSVP’s, they put the host’s phone #. Then the hostess will communicate with me no later than 1 week ahead to let me know the # of canvases that need to be drawn out. These are drawn out 1-2 weeks in advance, minimum.

Time of parties are usually either 11:00am, 2:00pm, 4:00pm, or 5:30pm. Each painting takes different amounts of time to complete & is usually a result of how much help your guest will require in completing their painting. For kids we usually try to make it simple enough that they can be done with cake and painting in 2 1/2-3 hours. The adults maybe between 3-4 hrs. Again, each group has varied in the past. I work as an artist in the field painting during the weekdays so if you are wanting your party during the weekday, it can be at 5 or 5:30pm.